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Apkudo helps operators and OEMs launch successful Android devices by data-driving the device approvals process.

There haven't been drastic changes to the device approvals process for a lot of mobile operators since the feature phone days. Carriers get pre-load apps, test them out, and make sure they're "good enough." But users rarely return a device because a pre-load, "bloatware" app doesn't work. They return them because Angry Birds - or some other popular or key app - doesn't work, and they're no longer satisfied with "good enough." These device returns are costing mobile operators billions of dollars. With Android adoption growing by leaps and bounds it's getting tougher for operators to compete and preserve the Android user experience at the same time.

Apkudo is taking device approvals into the 21st century with a holistic, objective, user experience based approach to Android. We work with mobile operators and OEMs early in the device approvals process all the way through friendly user trials to take the burden off carriers, help OEMs achieve technical acceptance faster, and reduce device returns for everyone. How? Here's what you need to know about getting an Apkudo Approved device.

Apkudo Device Approval

We're the Device Approvals Guys (and Girls)

During key stages of device approvals, Apkudo gathers hundreds of metrics across dozens of the most common application usage scenarios, then compares that data to data we've captured on every other Android device on the market (we've got all of them). Along with core system apps, a representative workload of the top 1000+ apps in Google Play is utilized. App experience is analyzed in several areas – touch screen and keyboard input, graphics and audio output, key peripheral support (such as GPS), along with performance characteristics and stability, offering breadth and depth to user experience analysis. The primary goal of this data-driven process is to expose likely areas of consumer satisfaction and dissatisfaction, making sure your Apkudo Approved Android device is better than it otherwise would have been.

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Apkudo Putting Data Into Action

Putting Data Into Action

We appreciate simplicity. Our reports provide Key User Experience Takeaways and Actionable Recommendations for OEMs to address so users will be happy. Apkudo's Actionable Recommendations give operators the objective data they need to commission changes with OEMs during device approvals. The recommendations provide pragmatic direction so OEMs can make precise, informed improvements and ensure issues are mitigated. Apkudo works one-on-one with OEMs during the debugging process, accelerating corrective action to get problems fixed. Fast.

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Apkudo Androids to Apples

Androids to Apples - Making the Android Approvals Process Consistent

The Apkudo Approved process is as hassle free and seamless as it gets for operators. We turn around pre-launch device reports in a week. Yep. That fast. Apkudo does the leg work with OEMs early during device approvals to assess the quality of their Android devices, make sure issues are resolved quickly, and ensure consumers buying your devices will be satisfied with their purchases. This helps operators speed time to market, save on device return associated costs, and makes Android device approvals more like iPhone device approvals. Quick and easy.

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Apkudo Putting Data Into ActionFrom the Research Lab to Real Life - FUT Client

From the Research Lab to Real Life - FUT Client

Using Apkudo for device approvals is just the beginning. The Apkudo FUT client enables operators to facilitate a holistic, streamlined user experience data gathering process while devices are in the hands of real world users. Using a patent pending methodology Apkudo collects and detects performance and quality issues in real time, monitoring and diagnosing user experience problems while you can still do something about them. The end result is an Apkudo Approved device that's been thoroughly evaluated by actual users.

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Apkudo Approved = OEM Agnostic

Apkudo Approved = OEM Agnostic

Getting an Apkudo Approved device means operators are confident they're receiving the most reliable, objective third-party data to guide OEMs in providing a best-in-class product to consumers. Apkudo also ensures that the data operators are getting is consistent across their device portfolio. No matter who makes the device, the methodology used to collect the UX data stays the same. Why? Because consumer expectations about the Android experience aren't fluid. They want the best possible experience, regardless of who is making their phone or tablet. We help them get it.

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Apkudo Right Device

Your Customers Find the Right Device, and the Right Device Finds Your Customers

Apkudo gives operators unprecedented insight into the competitive Android device landscape. We've gathered a veritable treasure trove of user experience data across every available Android device (ya know, 'cause we've got all of 'em). With thousands of data points mobile operators can measure how their portfolio stacks up against the competition, allowing them to better market and position their devices to reach their intended target audience. We tell you what your device is good at and how good at it it is. With the data to back it up, you can be confident that if you say your device is awesome at something, consumers will agree.

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Key Areas of User Experience Analysis

  • Stability - System & Preload Apps
  • Stability - Top Market Apps
  • Key App Experiences - Launcher, Phone, & Messaging
  • Key App Experiences - Web Browsing
  • Boot Experience
  • On-Screen Keyboard
  • Touch Screen
  • Display
  • CPU
  • Graphics
  • Video Playback
  • Audio Playback
  • Camera
  • GPS
  • Device Security
  • Battery
  • Parametric RF Testing

So do you want to know how to take your pre-launch Android devices from good to great? If you're interested in seeing how Apkudo's objective data can mitigate user experience issues, speed time to market, and save on device return costs then we'd love to hear from you! These are just a few companies that trust Apkudo to optimize their Android experiences. Let's get your logo up there.