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Apkudo for Developers
Apkudo for Developers
With Apkudo for Developers you'll know if your app will install, crash, hang, and most importantly - work - on every available Android device.

What is Apkudo for Developers?

Apkudo for Developers is an online platform for developers to effortlessly analyze how their app performs on the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of Android devices.

How does this work?

It's pretty easy really; as a developer you simply login with your Google account and upload your APK. From there we install, execute, and exercise it using Monkey on our entire portfolio of Android devices (we have over 260 physical devices and add new ones every week). Once the APK has finished running on all the devices, you can view and filter your results by manufacturer, device name, model, Android version, success/failure, and unique failure type.

There are errors, now what?

It's pretty likely that you'll find some errors. If your app crashes or ANRs during the monkey run we'll provide you with the logcat data as well as stack traces so that you can analyze and fix the error. Of course as a developer it is up to you to decide which errors are worth spending time on. With hundreds of different device models out there you may not care if your app is failing on a single, obscure device.

What are these unavailable devices?

Unfortunately Android devices are not always 100% reliable, and there are times where we need to give them some tender loving care, so we take them out of our server room and patch them up before placing them back on the rack. This means that sometime a particular device not be available to exercise your app.

How fast is this?

When you upload your APK we run it across all our devices in parallel. The time to run your APK is equal to the length of time it takes to install, run Monkey, and uninstall it on our slowest device (usually takes about 5 minutes). Keep in mind this service is available to all Android developers, and because we have a finite set of devices, there may be a queue. If there is a queue we'll tell you your place in it to give you an idea of when it will be your turn. We will be implementing an email alert system quite soon to give developers a heads-up and log back in once their results are ready, so keep a look out for it!

Who gets to see my data?

Your results are for your eyes only. We never share individual test run results. By using Apkudo for Developers you are helping us gather important data for our Apkudo Approved program. We'll create aggregate reports based on data from APKs and test runs, that we share with operators and OEMs to help make better, more developer friendly Android devices.

Help, something went wrong

No worries! Drop us a line and let us know what the issue is. We'll see how we can help and get back to you ASAP.

This is great, but what I really need is ...

This product was created with the intent of helping developers get a feel for what devices their app will or will not work on in the easiest way possible. We want to make sure we're creating features that the Android developer community really want to see, so the more feedback we get from you the better able we are to spend time working on the right things. Go ahead and let us know what you think and how we can help make this product better for Android developers.