Custom robotics running diagnostic testing on a cell phone.

Launch Stronger with Apkudo

Disrupting the pre-launch device testing industry since 2011, Apkudo applies an innovative approach focused on the evolution of devices into App Platforms. Apkudo delivers optimized test methodologies for pre-launch devices covering in-lab, in-facility, and in-field targeted testing to improve launch quality, enhance user satisfaction, and reduce device returns.

Apkudo Assured

System, functional, performance and stability testing partnered with Carrier acceptance and certifications. Apkudo provides a unique multi-faceted analysis that exposes issues just as a user would.
App Platform Dependability
Apkudo’s proprietary software that simulates aging, provides load testing, and monitors for platform stability and compatibility over a live cellular network.
App Platform Security
Apkudo’s proprietary software that assesses the ability of the device to provide a secure experience to the user and identifies security vulnerabilities and apps at risk.
Device Responsiveness
Characterization of a device's response times of specifically selected core apps under varying CPU stress levels.
Storage Performance
Evaluates the device storage performance which underpins the overall performance and responsiveness of a device based on the storage tier.
UI/UX Analysis
Targeted user-experience testing focused on real users perspectives.
Thermal Network Impact
Assesses the thermal profile and impact on network performance of a device under common high-load user scenarios.