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Never Ask “What Should I Do With This Device” Again

Apkudo is the leading global platform to maximize the value of connected devices and eliminate new e-waste.
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One Platform

Finally, a complete Circular Industry Platform that has you covered from pre-launch to recycling, and grows when you do.
Real-Time visibility
Unlock a full suite of decision-support and operating tools that leverage real-time data both within your enterprise and your partner ecosystem.
Automate Everything
Achieve true operational efficiency and agility across the hundreds of business processes that you execute throughout your device lifecycle.
Value in Velocity
Turn your supply chain into your supply speedway while maximizing the quality and value of every device that moves through it.
Engage + deliver
Delight your consumers, vendors, buyers, and partners with unprecedented experiences at every interaction point they have with your device supply chain.
Modular + Extensible
Get up and running quickly with our open platform by integrating with the tools you use everyday and adding functionality as your business needs evolve.
software + hardware
Plug into our supply chain apps and appliances - or build your own - to deal with the full set of challenges of dealing with complex physical devices.
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Every Connection

Engage with the global marketplace of device manufacturers, network operators, retailers, logistics providers, repairers, insurers, and buyers and sellers - everyone who's anyone in the  device industry.
Keep in Sync
Eliminate repeat touch points and data silos by leveraging ground truth device data shared across the entire global partner network.
Enhance Opportunities
The Apkudo Exchange creates new opportunities to match buyers and sellers across the entire Apkudo network.
Be the MVP
When you win, everyone wins, because each new Apkudo Platform instance creates more value for all existing Apkudo Platform users.
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Infinite Impact

Good for the economy. Good for the planet. Great for your business.
Boost your revenue by gaining higher resale values and reduce price erosion with increased processing velocity, capacity, and accuracy.
Drastically cut down on e-waste by uncovering the next best use for every connected device.
Optimize your team and reduce costs by minimizing manual labor and unnecessary product returns.
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Optimized testing methodologies for improving launch quality, enhancing user satisfaction, and reducing device returns.
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Solutions for Every Step

For any organization that operates in the connected device supply chain, the Apkudo Circular Industry Platform offers configurable solutions to support every business process.
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Online or in-store, we have you covered.
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Fully automated cleaning, testing, and grading.
I think partnering with Apkudo has helped me retain business. It’s helped me bid on business. And I am probably going to win business because of it.
Everybody can see Apkudo’s web-based solution in real time rather than waiting for spreadsheets to be imaged back and forth. And we’re all finally looking at the same data, so we are not debating ‘your data’ versus ‘my data.
Apkudo was very thoughtful of upcoming changes. Android keeps changing every year, so they are making sure that all these changes are incorporated ahead of time, so that we don’t see any hiccups on testing. That was one of the things which helped us make a decision to go with Apkudo.
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