Whether your customer is online or in-store, Apkudo has you covered.

For all connected devices across all channels, Apkudo provides a highly configurable platform that is fast and easy to implement and provides broad market access so you can offer the best value to your customers.

Apkudo Trade-In

Powerful and infinitely configurable, yet fast and easy to deploy. Welcome to a new era in Trade-In.
Test and grade a device in seconds, not minutes.
Highly Configurable
Match your existing process or create a new one. Either way, it's fast and simple to deploy.
Comprehensive Test Suite
Fast, accurate, and consistent grading online or in the store.
Broader Market Access
Reach new buyers on the Apkudo Platform and maximize profit on every device.
Pricing Engine Flexibility
Leverage the Apkudo Pricing Engine or use your own algorithms.
With an open platform, connect to any system including pre-built integration with the Apkudo Platform.