Our Vision

To meaningfully extend the useful life of connected devices while eliminating new e-waste.
Apkudo enables companies that sell or manage connected devices to maximize value from resale, repair, and reuse while eliminating e-waste.

Instead of relying on extensive labor and a patchwork of re-purposed systems, Apkudo provides a fully integrated solution to ensure that items such as mobile phones, tablets, watches, laptops, and wireless earphones move smoothly to the highest-value outcomes.

Apkudo’s Circular Industry Platform includes the full suite of decision-support and operating tools: automated testing and grading systems, device lifecycle management, and resale market integration.

As a result, Apkudo customers always have the answer to the question, “What do I do with this device, right now?
We are the rising tide. We solve big, challenging problems with game-changing innovation because the supply chain can always be better. It's fun, and we're bloody good at it.
Josh Matthews, Co-Founder + CEO

Our Leadership

Apkudo is led by an innovative, mission-driven team of supply chain experts and technologists.

Josh Matthews
Co-Founder + CEO
Ben Leslie
Co-Founder + CTO
Chad Gottesman
Arturo Guillen
Manoj Sabhnani
Tim Wall
Rebecca Wright
Kristen Barry
VP Marketing
Kelly Bolton
VP Mobilization
Stas Wolk
EVP Commercial Excellence

Backed by the Best

Apkudo’s investors share our passion in building a circular economy for connected devices.

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Help build the future of the connected device circular supply chain.

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