The Apkudo Platform

Apkudo isn't just software or hardware; it's the complete platform you need to maximize value up and down the connected device supply chain.
Automated Testing + Grading
Apkudo offers a light-weight consumer self-grading system for smaller operators and a fully automated robotic inspection system for larger ones.
Operations + Inventory
Instead of trying to get legacy general-purpose tools to do the job, Apkudo has purpose-built software modules that give you full control.
One Integrated Solution
The information you need might be with a partner, supplier, or customer, so Apkudo offers multiple integration options that bring all the data to your fingertips.
Market-based Resale Options
Apkudo gets you the best price for a used device by accessing the widest possible market.

Core Functionality

The Apkudo Platform provides a comprehensive management solution specifically tailored to how and where you operate in the full connected device lifecycle... from pre-launch to forward and reverse logistics to recycling.
Real-time tracking of events and associated event data so you always know where a device is and what it's status is.
Standard and customizable dashboards to analyze the operation.
Configuration, monitoring, and real-time alerting of customized rules and constraints that govern a business process.

Take Control of Your Connected Device Operations

Increase resale value
Apkudo connects you to buyers and sellers of all types, ensuring you get the best price for your transaction.
Increase resale volume
Access to a broader market means you are more likely to find the buyer or seller that you're looking for.
Reduce e-waste
Every used device that gets sold is one more device that doesn't go to a landfill.
Improve customer satisfaction
Consumers who are trading in devices get a quick sale with no hassle.
Reduce labor costs
As your volume of devices grows, you can access high-speed automation to avoid labor cost increases.

Many Modules, One Solution

Companies that manage used devices come in all shapes and sizes, so instead of a "one-size-fits-all" approach, Apkudo offers a core product plus a variety of modules.