The Apkudo Platform

Our data-driven robotics technology and AI-powered software solutions combine in a new platform to promote revenue generation, reduce costs, and minimize e-waste.

Increase Visibility

Real-time tracking of events and associated event data so you always know where a device is and its status.

Gain Insights

Standard and customizable dashboards allow you to identify trends and define best practices within your supply chain processes.

Streamline Processes

Configuration, monitoring, and real-time alerting of customized rules and constraints that govern a business process.

Maximize value around the connected device supply chain

The Apkudo Platform provides a comprehensive solution specifically tailored to how and where you operate in the connected device lifecycle — from pre-launch to final disposition.

Engineering Smarter Solutions

Configurable solutions for the connected device supply chain.


Improve device quality, enhance user satisfaction, and reduce device returns and warranty claims.

  • Ensure device stability and compatibility
across real-world average usage profiles
  • Identify security vulnerabilities pre-launch
  • Launch new device models and resell secondary assets with confidence

Trade In

Advance trade-in acquisition and accuracy by focusing on optimizing the consumer experience.

  • Perform comprehensive cosmetic and 
functionality tests in-store, online, and over the phone
  • Provide consumers with an instant trade-in offer
  • Manage fraud, theft, and shrinkage with shipping validation and an audit trail


Automate, track, and manage the recovery and disposition of all corporate-owned IT assets.

  • Ensure the security of valuable
corporate data by increasing device recovery rates
  • Automate traditionally manual processes, like tracking device return status and end user follow-up in spreadsheets
  • Recover maximum device value by leveraging multiple secondary device sales channels
  • Deliver a sustainable solution with measurable ESG impacts


Maximize velocity, quality, and cost efficiency of cosmetic and functional assessment.

  • Balance the roles of humans and machines while maximizing process efficiencies
  • Increase grading accuracy by removing
human subjectivity
  • AI-powered algorithms enable consistent data capture for thousands of device models


Receive the best price for a used device by accessing the broadest possible market.

  • Maximize sales velocity and revenue through domestic and international sales channels
  • Access competitive pricing for more than 200,000 SKUs with weekly updates
  • Leverage higher profit margins selling
direct-to-consumer (D2C) rather than
to device wholesalers

Performance Proven with Data

Trust Device Data

Make confident, data-driven decisions about the connected devices you own, manage, or sell.

Automate Testing & Grading

Our automated solutions for businesses of any size eliminate the subjectivity with traditional functionality testing and cosmetic grading. Devices processed using Apkudo technology are more reliably assessed and trusted.

Implement an Extensible Solution

Get up and running quickly with our extensible platform. Integrate the tools you use daily and add functionality as your business needs evolve.

Reduce Labor Costs

Access high-speed automation to avoid labor cost increases as your device volume grows.

Increase Device Value & Volume

Apkudo connects you to consumer and wholesale buyers and sellers, ensuring you get the best price for your transaction. Access to a broader market means you are more likely to find the buyer or seller you want.

Integrate Existing Systems

The information you need might be with a partner, supplier, or customer, so Apkudo offers multiple integration options allowing you to access the data you need easily.