The new standard for the 
connected device supply chain

Make confident, data-driven decisions about connected devices you own, manage, or sell

The Apkudo Platform

Apkudo’s groundbreaking circular industry platform challenges the conventional linear approach to the connected devices supply chain — from pre-launch to the end of lifecycle.

Engineering Smarter Solutions

Configurable solutions for the connected device supply chain.


Improve device quality, enhance user satisfaction, and reduce device returns and warranty claims with quality assurance testing pre- and post-launch.

Trade In

Advance trade-in acquisition and accuracy by focusing on optimizing the consumer experience.


Automate, track, and manage the recovery and disposition of all corporate-owned IT assets.


Maximize velocity, quality, and cost efficiency of cosmetic and functional assessment.


Receive the best price for a used device by accessing the broadest possible market.

In 2023, Apkudo helped customers avoid more than 855,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

How can we help your organization achieve its ESG goals?