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The Apkudo Platform revolutionizes how connected devices are processed.

A modular suite of Apps and Appliances for receiving, preparing, cleaning, data clearing, testing, and grading connected devices using software, robotics and artificial intelligence to provide an automated, single-piece flow for any device, anywhere.

Robotic Processing

Apkudo accurately, consistently, and cost- effectively processes millions of phones, tablets, and wearables each year...creating new profit opportunities for our customers while eliminating  e-waste.
Trusted grading is vital to the success of secondary markets. By eliminating human error, Apkudo ensures 100% accurate and consistent grading. This leads to higher pricing, fewer returns, and avoids potential customer dissatisfaction.
Devices are depreciating assets, so moving them through your warehouse quickly is vital to maximizing your financial outcomes. With Apkudo, you can process 300 units per hour.
The volume of devices coming in to your warehouse can fluctuate. The Apkudo Platform easily scales to meet intermittent peaks in processing demand without the need for any significant additional labor.
The Apkudo Platform helps you maximize the efficiency of you labor force by eliminating the need for manual testing and grading. Peak periods no longer require a surge in temporary labor.
The Apkudo Platform contains an innovative combination of super-fast device sensor checking, augmented by configurable tests by small-scale robotics to ensure the level of testing is right for the markets you need to service rather than the typical one-size-fits-all, more subjective solutions in the market today.
maxImize profit
Many devices are pre-sold before they have left the process due to the Apkudo Platform connecting supply to the existing demand in the market.